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Travel to Koh Samui for Less

  • It seems like a lot of the people who come to visit us in Koh Samui spend most of their holiday budget just getting here and then travelling back home. We don’t think that’s right, and we want our customers to be able to enjoy themselves while they are here and not have to worry so much about how much they spent on airfare. That’s why we have compiled a few tips to help people save money on travel to our island.
  • Look for package deals. While we partner with local property owners in order to offer the largest selection of villa koh samui , we also partner with travel package deal websites. These can include Priceline, Expedia and more, where we have great offers from time to time that can help you save money on both travel and accommodations.
  • Fly during the off season. Did you know that it is not always the same cost for flying all year round? There are certain times of year where it’s much cheaper to book a flight anywhere in the world, and these usually consist of times when fewer people are flying. You should try a few different dates for your planned flight before you settle on one. See what kind of savings you can find by just switching up your dates a bit. In the really busy season, just going one week earlier or one week later can make a huge difference in how much you are paying. 

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